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Want to become a sponsor? Sponsors are those individual listeners who wish to help us with their donations. This rate is only $10.00 per month and is not available to businesses. If the supporter pays a year in advance, the total price is $100.00 (a savings of $20.00).

Underwriting Packetunderwriter

Want to become an underwriter? Underwriters are individuals, organizations, and other entities who donate $126.00 per week or $450.00 per month if paid in advance (a savings of $54.00). This comprises of 3 underwriting spots per day.

local update underwriter

Want to become a local update underwriter? The local update underwriter donates $50.00 per week to support our local information updates about 12 times each weekday. There is no discount for extended sponsorship



For more info about sponsoring/underwriting please feel free to view this doc: Underwriting Packet


*The sponsorship or underwriter message will play a minimum of 3 times per day during the contracted period, and sponsorship of special station events can be arranged. Sponsorship and underwriting payments are not refundable. Availability and details of plans are subject to change without notice.


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